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People These Days

Girls are stupid bitches guys are fucking assholes. Bitches ruin relationships for other bitches and guys are too stupid to see how good some girls can actually be. They just go for the stupid bitches. None of this makes much sense I just wanted to express how much I hate the people in my school. :/

Never Forget

You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. You beat the odds and you got passed all the stupid bullshit. You said no to him and you are so strong, and so brave, and so smart for walking away from him. Be proud of yourself!! :)

  • Mirror: you look cute today
  • Camera: lol no
  • Instagram filters: I got you

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Heart Break…

Is the worst thing you can ever feel when the one person that meant so much to you  brutally rips your heart out and leaves you with nothing but an open wound that is gonna take more time than it should to heal. When you wanted so bad to tell them you love them but couldn’t because even though you didn’t want to believe what other people were trying to drill into your thick skull you knew they were right anyway. But even worse than that is all the lies and the constant bullshit you put up with because you loved them. Then comes the end. The bitter end when he finally decides he’s had enough of you. When he rips your heart out like he did and doesn’t even feel bad about it. Now your friend has something to tell you about him but you already know what it is. She’s gonna tell you that he’s sleeping around with other girls and that he’s flirting with your other friends. She’s gonna say he has a new girlfriend.  New girlfriend? He was never your boyfriend in the first place! You were just a thing. Nothing more. That hurts. You want to believe you’re wrong and that he feels bad. He misses you and wants you to come back to him. He’s been trying to text you all week and apologize to you and is worrying because you aren’t texting back. Doesn’t he know that if you hadn’t lost your phone you would have because you’re too weak to stay away? But you know this is a good thing. The longer you have no way to talk to him the easier it will be to forget how much you wanted him. You already don’t exist to him anymore if you ever even did. He never loved you. He never even liked you! It’s gonna be harder for you. But don’t worry because in a few weeks you’ll almost be back to your old self. You will hate him again. I promise…

alyssamay15-deactivated20120817 said: I love you <33

Love you too baby girl! <3

  • Me: I won't get jealous
  • Me: Who's this fucking whore

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